One of our BIGGEST down falls in our marriage was we stopped dating each other. It was never something intentional but life has this way of becoming pretty routined especially when you add kids in the mix. Soon time for each other get’s replaced with late night feedings, potty training and last minute school projects.

Slowly our carefree selves get replaced with meal planning, routines & schedules.. dressing up goes out the window and we welcome in yoga pants and pony tails.

Before long we become roommates just going about our day.. You tell yourselves your married now so you don’t have to put in the same effort you used to when dating. But marriage just like a lot of things in life, is like a flower. When cared for they bloom into these beautiful inviting creation, but what happens when you forget to water them, forget to give them sunlight… It doesn’t happen right away but slowly as the days go by the flower starts to wilt. The petals start to fall off. And you find yourself with this dried up flower.

And just like a flower that hasn’t been watered and cared for correctly a marriage that doesn’t place one another as a priority. Slowly it wilts.. You start off bickering about the littlest things, and then you start distancing yourself from each other.

But unlike a flower there is hope, there is renewal. But we have to make the conscious choice to pursue one another.

Marriage takes work. Just because you said your “I do’s” and signed your marriage certificate it doesn’t mean you stop dating your spouse. In fact it becomes one of the most important things you can do for your marriage.

So I wanted to share with you 4 Reasons WHY It’s IMPORTANT to date your wife/husband

  1. Dating reminds you why you feel in love with your spouse.
    Remember when you first dated your spouse, those feelings you felt getting ready and then being with them. Dating brings those feelings back.
  2. Dating set’s an example for your children.
    Your kids one day will be a spouse one day, so by us pursuing one another, it set’s an example for what to look for in a relationship.
  3. Dating rekindles intimacy.
    You know those butterfly feelings you get in your stomach when you see your spouse all dressed. Dating gives you a chance to become more attractive to one another. We lose the yoga pants and replace them with dresses and let our hair down. Guys lose the sweats and hats and smell good.
  4. Dating simply means you put your spouse first.
    That you care enough about each other to dress up, listen to them talk.. laugh together. That you care enough to carve out time from your routines to spend time with one another.