I just picked up The Natural Nudes eyeshadow palette.. Y’all oh my goodness, I looooove this platte. If you are just looking for an everyday palette, you need this is your life. Yes if you are a makeup junkie like myself… you probably have a lot of these similar shades.. BUT this palette is the perfect palette to take on trips or if you are a bridal makeup artist you need this palette in your life.

That’s just it, first off you can create basic everyday daytime looks.. Wedding looks with this palette or a fun date night look.

You have matte, shimmer, sparkle & metallic shades for any more “natural” look you want to create.

Okay, so Too Faced created a Born This Way foundation with 35 different shades. Which can just take a minute to think about how cool that is.. It can be hard to find your shade and at least with this brand you can find your shade or even mix shades to create your shade. That’s pretty cool to me.

But back to this palette.. Too Faced wanted to create an eyeshadow palette inspired by their foundations. I am so glad, that the makeup trends are making their way back to a more natural look. Don’t get me wrong, I love my glam.. But.. my life isn’t dress up get glam or even crazy colors.. I’m a mom of littles my life is more story time and pool then ball gowns or raves.

Is a rave even what they call it nowadays or did I just age myself?

This palette stands out for a couple reasons… Like for instance the palette isn’t metal..which is a totally different vibe from their “norm” I’m not going to complain, I like this palette packaging simple classy I don’t know.. Something about a metal palette design just kinda down plays the product to me. But that’s my own personal opinion..Is that going to stop me from buying makeup.. nah I am makeup addict. haha.

I am not a huge fan of glitter shadows because you have to apply a setting spray to the brush or wet it, just to get the product on your lids. And glitter gets messy, most of the time it transfers or falls off.

So I don’t really see myself using ( Golden Light, Shimmering Pearl, Glistening Snow) much at all unless.. well date night. Glistening snow isn’t terrible and I could use it for tear duct area but I have shadows I like better.

I could see myself using ( Sparkling Gold, Sparkling Rum & Rose Gold) on a daily,.. My go to look 9 out of 10 times will have some form of shimmer on my eyes, because I LOVE shimmer on my eyes.

This palette has GREAT transitioning shades.. For all skin types.. and well, if you play with makeup a lot you know those transitions colors, although we don’t really see them at the end of the look… THEY MATTER…

I don’t know I feel like this palette is just going to be one of those ride or die palettes that I am going to constantly use.

The Naked Reloaded palette is pretty similar… But the naked palette there is more shimmer than matte shades for sure.

If I would have to pick between the Reloaded palette or The Natural Nudes palette.. hmmm I would pick The Natural Nudes palette. I love the fact that there is just a good balance between shimmers and mattes.

Final Thoughts…

  • Cost $45 at Ulta ( I did learn you can’t use that $3.50 off Ulta coupon because Too Faced is considered a prestigious brand so lame)
  • Extremely blendable
  • The pigment is GREAT ( very impressed)
  • Fall out light, which if they are going to be prestigious brand then ya I don’t want much fall out..
  • Buildable yes!