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Finding Your Confidence In God

I’ve been there, I have had plenty of moments of not feeling pretty enough, good enough or even just smart enough. And it’s a terrible feeling to have, so today I wanted to take a minute to just speak some truth into your heart.

4 Reasons Why It Important To Date Your Spouse.

One of our BIGGEST down falls in our marriage was we stopped dating each other. It was never something intentional but life has this way of becoming pretty routined especially when you add kids in the mix. Soon time for each other get's replaced with late night...

The Case Of Mom Burn Out : Podcast Shout Out

I know in today’s society we are told to be strong and we feel guilty opening up about those type of thoughts, because mom burn out is real. And is something that needs to be shared.. and let the conversations start. It’s not something we shouldn’t be ashamed about, it doesn’t mean we don’t love our children in fact it means we do love them. We give them our hearts and it’s tiring but with God and connection we can let our hair down and breathe. We can be okay. I really want to share blogs or videos or just a quote that spoke to my heart…